Race To Infinity And Beyond
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Race To Infinity And Beyond shows a full league table for BT's Race To Infinity competition.

An exchange is eligible when there are more than 1000 property connections to the exchange. If an exchange is not eligible and has more than 75% then BT say they will "actively engage with local communities". Some exchanges have already been enabled by BT and there will be no vote or connection information for these exchanges.

Only when an exchange has over 1,000 votes will BT cosider it for the competition. Because of this, the league table ranks exchanges above 1,000 votes above those with less than 1,000 votes (as BT will do).

This website now contains the latest information on exchanges that have been enabled for Fibre Broadband!

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Full League Table

There have been 323,514 cast so far in the Race To Infinity.

Top 10 Exchanges

Exchanges are not just ranked on their percentage. Only exchanges which have more than 1,000 votes are eligible to be in the top 5. As a result, the leaderboard is ranked by those exchanges with more than 1,000 votes then by percentage.
Whitchurch (Hants)THWI24602460100.0000000000%6
Marton (Warwicks)CMMART1040132078.7878787879%7
Capel (Surrey)THCP1478191877.0594369135%8
Lindfield (Sussex)SDLNDFL1347220461.1161524501%10
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